(Ancient Protector of Elves, She of the Smiling Moon)

CG intermediate goddess of Elves, Forests and Sylvan Creatures

Ssalian (say-lee-en) is the queen of the Faerie pantheon, which includes the elves, Lorren and other faerie creatures. She is the most widely recognized non-human deity in Faylia, despite the fact that there is only one small remaining elven kingdom. She is a kind goddess, if a bit fickle at times, and dwells as much on beauty and nature as she does on her humanoid subjects. Her form is that of a beautiful tall elf with flowing silver hair, clad elegantly in robes and wielding a staff. While she does not actively encourage civilization, her patron city was Telenost, in Levexia before its destruction by the orc and goblin hordes. She is friendly with the human pantheon, specifically with Cyrene, Pala and Yesale, who share her love for natural places and beauty. She holds her court in High Celestia, and her holy symbol is a tree branch crossed by a thin sword.
Watch over the forests as they are your homes, and all the creatures within are your kin. Keep the ancient ties and ways, and guard well the secrets of our faerie magic. Help the lesser races as you see fit, and your influence will spread to them naturally.
Clerics of Ssalian are good natured and wise in the ways of nature, and include in their number elves, half elves, Lorren, and other forest creatures. Druids commonly worship her pantheon as well. Clerics often wander and tend to prefer not to lead, instead supporting from the background as they will. Within elven communities, clerics usually come from the high elf branch rather than the faerie elves, as the latter prefer the arcane to the divine. Both clerics and druids of Ssalian pray for their spells at dawn.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Magic, Plant Weapons: Longsword, Quarterstaff



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