(The Dwarffather)

LN intermediate god of Dwarves, Smithing, Mining and Underground

Rallux (rahl-lux) is the severe but fair patriarch of the dwarven faith. He is an ancient god and leads an ancient pantheon made up of his own siblings and dwarves that have reached demigod status; in this aspect, dwarves are many times labeled as ancestor worshipers, although this is grossly misleading. He is pictured as a robust but mature dwarf with a sandy golden mane and beard inlaid with jewels, platinum, gold and other fine materials. He always is shown with a dwarven Urgosh, and is often shown in a defensive stance. All dwarven settlements are his patrons, and he has no known favored city. Dwarves are secretive about their origins beyond Faylia and this is encouraged by the faith of Rallux. He has very little contact outside his own pantheon aside from Fetten Mak. Their background together is unknown, even amongst their own races. His domain is on the elemental plane of earth and his symbol is a gemstone axe head, blade down.
Guard well your Caers and holds, and respect your elders and your leaders, for they are the ones who make you persevere through hard times. Keep sacred the fatherland, and guard your smiths as you do your homes. Do not seek to mine beyond your means, and the fruits of Rallux will be forever yours.
Those who worship Rallux and his pantheon are common, and every dwarven community has at least a handful of steadfast clerics of the faith. He is rarely worshiped outside of dwarven communities, and then mostly by gnomes or humans who have lived among the dwarves for some time. Sometimes these clerics even lead their communities, but those are usually small as the larger cities defer to the long-entrenched dwarven nobility. Many choose to adventure for a time before returning to the earth. They pray for their spells upon waking.
Domains: Artifice (see Chapter 9) Earth, Law, Protection Weapons: Dwarven Waraxe, Dwarven Urgosh



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