(Lady of the Water, the Everflowing One)

CG lesser goddess of Rivers, Streams and Fertility

Pala (pahl-ah) is the mercurial but beneficent goddess of flowing waters, and governs the streams, rivers and other waterways in Faylia. She is generally kind but can be as fickle as the waters she holds domain over. She is currently considered part of the human pantheon, although some scholars place her origins in ancient elven societies. She is commonly depicted as a lithe young woman with turquoise hair that covers her body past her knees, which is otherwise unclothed. Many times her hair will have bits of plant or riparian life that can be seen within. She is close with Hevanan, Yesale and Luoria, but does not claim rivalry with any other deity as her realm is well defined and unchallenged. She is worshiped by some druids, as well as farmers who live near flowing water. She supports vegetative fertility. She has no patron city, although many in Freeport worship her on account of its location. Her symbol is a silver river winding through a green field and her realm is in the elemental plane of water.
Rivers give life and hold life dear. Do not worry about the floods, they pass as they come. Go where the water takes you in life and be not still for too long, for still water stagnates and rots. Beware those that would spoil that which gives life.
Clerics of Pala (and druids) are more common than many others, partially because they are prone to wander and partially because Pala takes an active interest in the preservation of waterways. Her followers are particularly active around the Laori River in northeastern Faylia, as the nation of Irlghik has polluted the waters and attacked the inhabitants of the forest surrounding the river. Otherwise, many can be found adventuring, questing to find the headwaters of rivers and streams. They pray for spells at first moonrise (regardless of the time of day).
Domains: Chaos, Good, Plant, Water Weapons: Staff, Club



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