(The Everywhere, the Renewer)

N greater god of Nature, Wilderness and Animals

Kef (kef) is the god of the natural world, and is commonly cited as the oldest deity in residence in the Faylian pantheon. Indeed, many place him in the realms before the dragons and elves. He is never depicted as human, usually appearing as a wizened oak treant when not just portrayed as an oak tree. He is worshiped by few but respected by all who wish to take or interact in a reasonable manner with things not of civilization. He has no urban shrines or temples, and to despoil the wilderness by changing it, even to honor Kef, is greatly frowned upon. Almost all non-elven druids cite Kef as the source of their powers, and he is worshiped by Halflings, humans, gnomes and some feral tribes of elves. He has no attachments to any of the other gods, and is viewed as the constant that remains after wars and natural disasters strike. He neither takes a stand in mortal affairs, nor does he seek to actively protect wild lands unless they come under serious threat (usually of utter destruction). He does oppose Thiralex, but only by way of his druids and clerics. His symbol is a fully branched oak tree with a full root system, which intricately surrounds a proportionally large acorn. His realm and body is the material plane itself, and whether or not he exists in another form is unknown.
Respect the wilderness and what it brings, for you are small and young compared to the vastness of nature. Do not take more than what you need, and beware those who call the wilds their home, for they will defend it against all intruders. Fight the forces of undeath; there is only one way to renewal and death is as intricate a part of nature as birth.
Actual clerics of Kef are only found in wild nomadic clans of elves and gnomes, and those are druids instead as often as not. Still, his clerics are the epitome of patience and rarely visit the hustle and bustle of the civilized nations. There are druid conclaves devoted to Kef scattered throughout Faylia, but if they are all connected by an overarching hierophant, the settled peoples are unaware of it. All of Kef’s divine casters pray for spells when it suits them, so long as they are embedded in nature.
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Water Weapons: Quarterstaff



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