Chapter 1: An Introduction to Faylia and Its Climate

To the denizens who occupy Faylia, nothing is more important than their own condition and country, and many are content to live their lives knowing as little as possible about their world of Serith. However, even the most knowledgeable wizards and scholars know very little about the rest of the world beyond the borders of Faylia, mostly due to the stark barriers that define these borders and the dangers that lie within or beyond. Magic is prevalent in Faylia, and its occupants are appropriately aware of the nature of their world. Draconic influence is strong, especially in the east and many names and terms reflect the draconic language. Faylia is blessed with a mild temperate climate due mostly to the Sea of Enet. Summers are long and temperatures rarely drop below freezing on the coasts, and inland temperatures reach freezing only in winter in all other places but the mountains and northern reaches of the el-Amhar desert, which are prone to more icy conditions. With the draconic and arcane history, many versions of star charts have been used. The most current one follows:

12 months/year (Eorik); 360 days in each Eorik. Each month is part of one of four seasons as follows (Gregorian Months for ref):

Aussir (Winter)

  • Stormtime (December)
  • Midwinter (January)
  • Latewinter (February)

Achuak (Spring)

  • Furrowing (March)
  • Blooming (April)

Aurix (Summer)

  • Newdawn (May)
  • Midsummer (June)
  • Highsummer (July)
  • Latesummer (August)
  • Endsummer (September)

Charir (Autumn)

  • Newharvest (October)
  • Reflection (November)

3 10-day weeks in a month; days as follows:
—-Iskear (worship)
—-Thurkear (work)
—-Sjirkear (work)
—-Ixenkear (work)
—-Edarkear (work)
—-Hesjingkear (work)
—-Thraekear (work)
—-Oposkear (work)
—-Miirikear (half work, half rest)
—-Martivir (rest)

For reference here is an example date: 2 Edarkear, Newdawn 645 TY (the second Edarkear of Newdawn, or the 15th day of Newdawn in the 645th year since the treaty of Oth Dumar). Dates in Faylia are measured in Dragon years (DY) before the treaty of Oth Dumar, and Treaty years (TY) afterwards.

Geographic Divisions:

Faylia is the name for the known lands within the greater world of Serith. Aside from the obvious terrain separations, the most of the Elf and Human lands in Faylia fall into two distinct sections along the shores of the Sea of Enet: Oth Dumar (west) and Marae (east) and one for those not bordering the sea (the Outlands). The nations in Oth Dumar include the elven nation of Nu’ath and the human nations of Orynth, Hallius, and Tyr. The nations in Marae are Zabrek, Marae and Ruthgar. The outland nations include the dwarven nations of Gorunn and Edar, as well as the human nation of Talan and the goblinoid territory of Irlghik. The majority of the human nations lie on the plains, which are very fertile due to the numerous rivers that run through them. Several kingdoms define at least one border with a major river.


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