(The Calm Goddess, Seawatcher)

NG intermediate goddess of Seafaring, Trade, Travel and Stars

Hevanan (heh-vah-nen) is a human deity that is, like the Halfling Dellayan, rumored to have ascended from the material plane. Legend also cites her as a friend of Dellayan when he was mortal as well. She is an exceptionally beautiful goddess without the raw sexual appeal of Cyrene. She is often portrayed wearing a dark blue or purple dress and a far off gaze. She is revered by sailors, bards, merchants and travelers, and she has more small shrines in Faylia than any other deity due to the amount of sea trade that goes on between kingdoms. She has a few major temples, most notably in Marae and Ruthgar, and the city of Trithage counts her as their patron. She gets along with most deities in the human pantheon as long as they are not destructive or unabashedly evil (which puts her especially at odds with Kro’ren, since they share domains). She holds her realm in the vastness of Astral space and her symbol is a single seven pointed star set against a starry field.
Stars, lovers and travelers alike pay homage to the calm goddess. Watch the sky, and she will guide your way to your destiny. Heed the call of the trader and merchant, and do them no wrong when they are far from home.
Clerics of Hevanan are common in areas around the Sea of Enet, and her shrines can be found along most major trade routes in Faylia. Aside from the mages, no other group of people knows more about the Astral plane and extradimensional travel than the clerics of Hevanan. They are commonly adventurers or are hired out by them. They generally help out people in need, especially travelers and merchants. A traveler always knows that he has found a safe haven when he has located the abode of a cleric of Hevanan, who routinely entertain guests with simple fare in exchange for a good story or a promise to help another traveler in need. They pray for spells an hour or so after the sun sets, when the stars first become clear.
Domains: Good, Protection, Travel, Water Weapons: Quarterstaff



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