Fetten Mak

(The Great Tinkerer, the Shining One, Gnomefather)

NG Intermediate god of Gnomes, Invention and Jewels

Fetten Mak (fet-tin mack) is the patriarch of the Gnomish pantheon, and is a jovial and ancient god, leading an ancient race. He is portrayed as a middle aged gnome with shining eyes and a disarming smile dressed in a jewel worker’s garments. The gnomes and dwarves are very secretive about their origins, and the gnomes have no country or city of their own in Faylia. Gnomish doctrine however points to that not being the case for everywhere, and naturally they had to come from somewhere. He encourages risk taking so long as no one is in danger, and many gnomes aspire to be great tinkerers just like their patron. He takes care to help his followers whenever he can, and many consider him the most involved of all the gods and pantheons active in Faylia. He is worshiped even outside the gnomish race, especially by inventors and gem cutters, which he does not mind. He holds his divine realm in Lower Celestia, and his symbol is a set of three connected cogs, each with a different colored gem (red, orange and yellow) set in the middle.
Do not hesitate to experiment with your surroundings, in both small and large things. No job is too tough for our people to handle. Take care to be kind to all the good creatures, both above and below ground. Remember your friends and family as they are the jewels that shine brightest in life.
The clerics of Fetten Mak are a separate part of gnomish culture, and a place for haven within the dwarven cities and small surface communities for gnomes to worship and practice their crafts. Most temples double as workshops. The disciples of Fetten Mak, like the rest of the gnomish race, get along with just about everyone save the savage races, although they tend to avoid their deep cousins, the svirfneblin.
Domains: Earth, Good, Luck, Trickery Weapons: Hammer and Pick (Gnome hooked hammer)


Fetten Mak

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