(Halfling Father, the Good Wanderer)

NG intermediate god of Halflings and Travel

Dellayan (del-lay-ann) is the jovial patriarch of the Halfling pantheon. He is good natured and helpful, sometimes even more so than many of his race. Many Halflings believe that he was once a mortal, and ascended to god-hood when the need arose for the slight folk to have their own gods and goddesses. He is a nomadic god, spending time with his pantheon as well as throughout the middle planes and Celestia; his realm is wherever he is at that moment and is usually represented as a large multicolored wagon, with far more space inside than should be physically possible. Most Halfling caravans and city quarters have shrines to him and the nature of his being discourages large, more permanent temples. Dellayan gets along with the leaders of most other pantheons, except for perhaps Rallux, with whom he has little contact. His symbol is a winding road flanked by brightly colored wagons.
Watch over your caravans, and take care your clans and families. We are here to watch you. Never let those who are larger underestimate you. Prove your worth to your clan first, and the rest will come easily. Do not let the constraints of civilization hold you if you feel the need wander the lands.
Clerics of Dellayan are both male and female Halflings, usually one per caravan unless the wagons are particularly numerous. They seek to aid the small folk whenever possible, and often times those who wish to take up the vestments of the god in areas where a senior cleric already exists take to the roads and help Halfling and human alike. They oppose most evil deities, but they run the gamut from chaos to law, depending on their upbringing and what human nation they come from. His clerics pray for spells at midday.
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Travel Weapons: Shortsword



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