(The Beautiful, Heavenly Temptress)

CG lesser goddess of Beauty, Passion, Love and Vanity

Cyrene (sigh-reen) is a goddess of mysterious origin, as most religious scholars agree that she is not Faylian, but neither was she a dragon goddess. Some claim that she was brought in by dragons that campaigned outside of Faylia before the draconic civil wars started, but the people she came from and with are lost in the annals of time and the inevitable cross breeding that occurred amongst the draconic subjects. She has many shrines and temples throughout Faylia, most of which function as high class brothels. In some areas, the courtesans of Cyrene have gained so much power that their fancy determines the political climate of certain towns. The city of Cress in Marae is one of her favorites and houses her largest temple. She is constantly at odds with Vahale, whom she finds stuffy and enjoys poking fun at her; also with Yesale, who is a virgin goddess. Overall Cyrene is a benevolent goddess, and does not enjoy the destruction of beautiful things. Her symbol is a ruby or otherwise red stone inlaid with a single female eye, and her realm is in Lower Celestia.
Beauty is the height of all good things; strive for beauty and love in all dealings. Trifle not with the laws of men, because all are subsumed by their passions and the laws are as easily manipulated as their creators. Seek to preserve beauty, and those who protect Cyrene and her holdings will be forever rewarded with the fruits of their labors.
Cyrene’s clerics are always female (although male courtiers do exist), and are typically madams at her temples and shrines, or simply prostitutes or courtesans, if no establishment is available. Cyrene’s arts are only outlawed in the Orynthian city of Perdon, where Vahale and Aurir hold powerful sway. They are otherwise spread evenly throughout Faylia. They claim to wish to bring all manner of prostitution under their control, but the lower class dock workers and street corner whores are conveniently forgotten, especially once time and their clientele have taken a toll on their bodies. They pray for their spells at midnight.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Trickery Weapons: Dagger



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